Burton Albion Ladies FC
Burton Albion Ladies FC

First Team - West Bromwich

Away | 02 October 2018

Burton Albion Ladies made it four games lost in a row, but despite this Burton Albion Ladies FC put on one of their most impressive performances of the season and were unlucky to lose.

Burton Albion Ladies FC were looking to put behind them their cup upset and bounce back into league action with a new fire and passion in their hearts. There was another good crowd who turned out for Tuesday night’s game, with it making for a lively and competitive game. Burton Albion Ladies FC knew they was going to be against it from the get go, West Bromwich Albion Women FC were on a winning streak and hadn’t lost a game all season so far, but Burton Albion Ladies FC knew they could match anyone on their best day as they had last season with many of a higher quality side. Burton Albion Ladies FC were dealt a blow before the game when managerial trio Jack White, Jack Peel and Kane Darkes all left the club, but this wouldn’t affect Burton Albion Ladies FC mentally and would play with even more determination to make sure their tenure ended on a high. A couple of changes was made by manager Jack White as Georgina Rushton was back into the starting eleven and Alex Liddiard was dropped to the bench, along with Nina Warrington also.

In the first eighteen minutes of play Burton and West Brom battled to get a foothold on the game, hoping to put their stamp on the game but it was very much a test of both defences being tight and resolute, and nothing of much action happening in this time. However in the twenty ninth minute Burton Albion Ladies FC despite matching their opponents to this point would fall behind, as a twenty yard screamer by West Bromwich Albion Women FC player would sail well over Erica Turner, and although she tried her best to reach it there was nothing she was able to do about it. But if there is one thing Burton Albion Ladies FC are known for it is that they never give up and will always battle till very end, and knowing there was a long way to go, there was plenty of time to get back into the game.

Burton Albion Ladies trooped on and only three minutes later had their first real chance of the game, as Paris O’Connor closing down expertly lead to a crisp pass to Amelia Robb who was through on goal with the on rushing goalkeeper,r but struck it just across the face of the goal. In a game that was end to end West Bromwich Albion Women FC then had another chance on goal, as the West Brom player volleyed it perfectly but Erica Turner got up high and pushed it with her fingertips onto the crossbar. With the players eager to prove they could compete with this level it gave the ladies the willingness to try what seemed the impossible, as Georgina Rushton would try a lofted ball from just past the half way line, but it went wide past the West Brom goal. Jordan Atkin made problems for West Brom’s defence all game and in the thirty ninth minute her run on the wing lead to her cross falling on the thigh of Jamie-Leigh Fowler, but she volleyed it just wide. Burton Albion Ladies pressure would eventually pay off, as in the forty second minute just before the strike of half time, another superb run by Jordan Atkin on the wing would lead to her being taken down in a dangerous position, and Paris O’Connor would take a beautifully struck free kick right over the head of the West Bromwich Albion Women goalkeeper. It was now game on, but Burton not resting on their laurels would have one more chance before half time, as a fantastic cross again slid across the box and with any form of touch on it would have been in the back of the net but it was just not meant to be. The half time whistle blew with Burton Albion Ladies FC very much into the game and looking like they could snatch one for the win. At half time the score was Burton Albion Ladies FC 1 – 1 West Bromwich Albion Women FC.

Burton Albion Ladies FC would kick off the second half and within 10 minutes of the restart would have two chances one from Jordan Atkin, and one from Paris O’Connor but the first chance went wide and the second was caught by the goalkeeper, but with Burton on a high and looking good value against their opponents manager Jack White made his first change of the game as Amelia Robb came off for last Sundays debutant Alex Liddiard. Jordan Atkin again would cause danger to West Bromwich Albion Women’s defence as she was challenged quite high and they was lucky to not be given a booking, but this would not deter Paris O’Connor who again hit her free kick inch perfect, and both Charlotte Worth and Jamie-Leigh Fowler were unlucky to not get it into the back of the net after both sticking feet out onto the enclosing ball. But in a game with tight margins West Bromwich Albion Women FC were the next to strike a blow, as in the sixty sixth minute the ball would go high up in the air in the box, and Erica Turner had it cruelly slip through her hand’s and into the back of the net and Burton Albion Ladies FC were unlucky to be losing at that point.

Manager Jack White would then make two changes one soon after the goal in the sixty seventh minute with Jamie-Leigh Fowler coming off for Hannah Morris and then in the eighty first minute, Charlotte Worth coming off for Nina Warrington. Burton were then back into their groove as in the eighty second minute a scramble in the penalty box with the ball, lead to the West Bromwich Albion FC goalkeeper being off her line and the West Bromwich Albion Women FC defenders having to come back and save the goalkeepers bacon. Burton Albion Ladies FC would have one more chance before the close of play as Paris O’Connor with another superb free kick would put it in the best place possible again in the box, and again any touch on it would do to send it goal wards, but it was not to be. Burton Albion Ladies FC would make sure they went into full time just one goal behind as Erica Turner twice would make crucial saves in one on one situations and played very well in the game despite the mistake earlier on in the game.

Coming off the back of losing on Sunday against Chesterfield Ladies FC in the cup the ladies knew they had to improve massively, and they did so against a team what not many will beat this season and the ladies know after this that they can beat anyone on their best day playing like this. Burton Albion Ladies FC go into the next game with high spirits despite the result, and with a fresh managerial team in charge on Sunday everyone gets a fresh start and a chance to kick start the season like they did on Tuesday night. The full time score was Burton Albion Ladies FC 1 – 2 West Bromwich Albion Women FC.

The ladies next fixture is a Women’s FA National League Plate Cup competition against Barnsley Ladies FC on Sunday 7th October 2018 at Barnsley football club, Barnsley training ground.

Starting Line Up

Erica Turner
Hannah Baines
Paris O'Connor
Amelia Robb
Gina Rushton
Hayleigh Sutton
Charlotte Worth
Jamie Leigh Fowler
Laura McQuilkin
Emma White
Jordan Atkin


Hannah Morris
Nina Warrington